By Ashton Lamar



  1. IN THE CLOUDS FOR UNCLE SAM; or, Morey Marshall of the Signal Corps -- illustrated by S.H. Riesenberg. 1910. Reilly & Britton.

  2. THE STOLEN AEROPLANE; or, How Bud Wilson Made Good -- illustrated by M.G. Gunn. 1910. Reilly & Britton.

  3. THE AEROPLANE EXPRESS; or, The Boy Aeronaut's Grit -- 1910. Reilly & Britton.

  4. THE BOY AERONAUTS' CLUB; or, Flying for Fun -- illustrated by S.H. Riesenberg. 1910. Reilly & Britton.

  5. A CRUISE IN THE SKY; or, The Legend of the Great Pink Pearl -- illustrated by S.H. Riesenberg. 1911. Reilly & Britton.

  6. BATTLING THE BIGHORN; or, The Aeroplane in the Rockies -- illustrated by Joseph Pierre Nuyttens. 1911. Reilly & Britton.

  7. WHEN SCOUT MEETS SCOUT; or, The Aeroplane Spy -- illustrated by S.H. Riesenberg. 1912. Reilly & Britton.

  8. ON THE EDGE OF THE ARCTIC; or, An Aeroplane in Snowland -- illustrated by Norman P. Hall. 1913. Reilly & Britton.



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