The Barton Book for Girls
By May Hollis Barton




May Hollis Barton is a new writer for girls who is bound to win instant popularity. Her style is somewhat of a reminder of that of Louisa May Alcott and Mrs. L.T. Meade, but thoroughly up-to-date in plot and action. Clean tales that all the girls will enjoy reading.
   -- from a Cupples & Leon advertisement


  1. The Girl from the Country; or, Laura Mayford's City Experiences -- "Laura was the oldest of five children and when daddy got sick she felt she must do something. She had a chance to try her luck in New York, and there the country girl fell in with many unusual experiences" -- 1926, Cupples & Leon.

  2. Three Girl Chums at Laurel Hall; or, The Mystery of the School by the Lake -- "When the three chums arrived at the boarding school they found the other students in the grip of a most perplexing mystery. How this mystery was solved, and what good times the girls had, both in school and on the lake, go to make a story no girl would care to miss." -- 1926, Cupples & Leon.

  3. Nell Grayson's Ranching Days; or, A City Girl in the West -- "Showing how Nell, when she had a ranch girl visit her in Boston, thought her chum very green, but when Nell visited the ranch in the great West she found herself confronting many conditions of which she was totally ignorant. A stirring outdoor story." -- 1926, Cupples & Leon.

  4. Four Little Women of Roxby; or, The Queer Old Lady Who Lost Her Way -- "Four sisters are keeping house and having trouble to make both ends meet. One day there wanders in from a stalled express train an old lady who cannot remember her identity. The girls take the old lady in, and, later, are much astonished to learn who she really is." -- 1926, Cupples & Leon.

  5. Plain Jane and Pretty Betty; or, The Girl Who Won Out -- "The tale of two girls, one plain but sensible, the other pretty but vain. Unexpectedly both find they have to make their way in the world. Both have many trials and tribulations. A story of a country town and then a city." -- 1926, Cupples & Leon.

  6. Little Miss Sunshine; or, The Old Bachelor's Ward -- 1928, Cupples & Leon.

  7. Hazel Hood's Strange Discovery; or, The Old Scientist's Treasure Box -- 1928, Cupples & Leon.

  8. Two Girls and a Mystery; or, The Old House in the Glen -- 1928, Cupples & Leon.

  9. The Girls of Lighthouse Island -- 1929, Cupples & Leon.

  10. Kate Martin's Problem; or Facing the Wide World -- 1929, Cupples & Leon.

  11. The Girl in the Top Flat; or, The Daughter of an Artist -- 1930, Cupples & Leon.

  12. The Search for Peggy Ann; or, A Mystery of the Flood -- 1930, Cupples & Leon.

  13. Sallie's Test of Skill; or, Winning the Trophy -- 1931, Cupples & Leon.

  14. Charlotte Cross and Aunt Deb; or, The Queerest Trip on Record -- 1931, Cupples & Leon.

  15. Virginia's Venture; or, Strange Business at the Tea House -- 1932, Cupples & Leon.

Favorite Stories for Girls -- an omnibus edition that includes "Kate Martin's Problem", "Charlotte Cross and Aunt Deb", "The Girl from the Country", and "Hazel Hood's Strange Discovery." 1937, Cupples & Leon.

Mystery and Adventure Stories for Girls: Four Complete Books -- "Two Girls and a Mystery" is included in this compendium, published by Cupples & Leon some time prior to 1942.


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