By Janet D. Wheeler



First published by Sully and then taken over by Cupples and Leon, who published additional titles. 

An unremarkable series. An inheritance allows Billie to attend Three Towers boarding school (and send her brother to the neighboring military school) where she has the standard girls' school adventures, struggles with "enemy" girls, etc. 

BILLIE BRADLEY AND HER INHERITANCE; or, The Queer Homestead at Cherry Corners -- "Billie Bradley fell heir to an old homestead that was unoccupied and located far away in a lonely section of the country. How Billie went there, accompanied by some of her chums, and what queer things happened, go to make up a story no girl will want to miss." -- 1920. Sully; Cupples & Leon.

BILLIE BRADLEY AT THREE TOWERS HALL; or, Leading a Needed Rebellion -- "Three-Towers Hall was a boarding school for girls. For a short time after Billie arrived there all went well. But then the head of the school had to go on a long journey and she left the girls in charge of two teachers, sisters, who believed in severe discipline and in very, very plain food and little of it -- and then there was a row! The girls wired for the head to come back -- and all ended happily." -- 1920. Sully; Cupples & Leon.

BILLIE BRADLEY ON LIGHTHOUSE ISLAND; OR, The Mystery of the Wreck -- "One of Billie's friends owned a summer bungalow on Lighthouse Island, near the coast. The school girls made up a party and visited the island. There was a storm and a wreck, and three little children were washed ashore. They could tell nothing of themselves, and Billie and her chums set to work on the mystery of their identity." -- 1920. Sully; Cupples & Leon.

BILLIE BRADLEY AND HER CLASSMATES; or, The Secret of the Locked Tower -- " Billie and her chums come to the rescue of several little children who have broken through the ice. There is the mystery of a lost invention, and also the dreaded mystery of the locked school tower." -- 1921. Sully; Cupples & Leon.

BILLIE BRADLEY AT TWIN LAKES; or, Jolly Schoolgirls Afloat and Ashore -- "A tale of outdoor adventure in which Billie and her chums have a great variety of adventures. They visit an artists' colony and there fall in with a strange girl living with an old boatman who abuses her constantly. Billie befriended Hulda and the mystery surrounding the girl was finally cleared up." -- illustrated by Walter S Rogers. 1922. Cupples & Leon.

BILLIE BRADLEY AT TREASURE COVE; or, The Old Sailor's Secret -- 1928. Cupples & Leon.

BILLIE BRADLEY AT SUN DIAL LODGE; or, School Chums Solving a Mystery -- 1929. Cupples & Leon.

BILLIE BRADLEY AND THE SCHOOL MYSTERY; or, The Girl from Oklahoma -- 1930. Cupples & Leon.

BILLIE BRADLEY WINNING THE TROPHY; or, Scoring Against Big Odds -- 1932. Cupples & Leon.


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