By Freemont B. Deering (John Henry Goldfrap)



."Mexican and Canadian Frontier Series"
  1. THE BORDER BOYS ON THE TRAIL -- What it meant to make an enemy of Black Ramon De Barios -- that is the problem that Jack Merrill and his friends, including Coyote Pete, face in this exciting tale. -- 1911. A.L. Burt.

  2. THE BORDER BOYS ACROSS THE FRONTIER -- Read of the Haunted Mesa and its mysteries, of the Subterranean River and its strange uses, of the value of gasoline and steam "in running the gauntlet," and you will feel that not even the ancient splendors of the Old World can furnish a better setting for romantic action than the Border of the New. -- 1911. Hurst.

  3. THE BORDER BOYS WITH THE MEXICAN RANGERS -- As every day is making history -- faster, it is said, than ever before -- so books that keep pace with the changes are full of rapid action and accurate facts. This book deals with lively times on the Mexican border. -- 1911. A.L. Burt; Hurst.

  4. THE BORDER BOYS WITH THE TEXAS RANGERS -- The Border Boys have already had much excitement and adventure in their lives, but all this has served to prepare them for the experiences related in this volume. They are stronger, braver, and more resourceful than ever, and the exigencies of their life in connection with the Texas Rangers demand all their trained ability. -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn.1912. A.L. Burt; Hurst.

  5. THE BORDER BOYS IN THE CANADIAN ROCKIES -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1913. Hurst.

  6. THE BORDER BOYS ALONG THE ST. LAWRENCE -- 1914. A.L. Burt; Hurst.


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