By Clair Hayes




"In this series we follow the adventures of two American lads unable to leave Europe after war is declared. They meet the soldiers of the Allies, and decide to cast their lot with them. Their experiences and escapes are many, and furnish plenty of good, healthy action that every boy loves." -- A.L. Burt ad.

  1. THE BOY ALLIES AT LIEGE; or, Through Lines of Steel -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  2. THE BOY ALLIES ON THE FIRING LINE; or, Twelve Days' Battle along the Marne -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  3. THE BOY ALLIES WITH THE COSSACKS; or, A Wild Dash over the Carpathian Mountains -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  4. THE BOY ALLIES IN THE TRENCHES; or, Midst Shot and Shell along the Aisne -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  5. THE BOY ALLIES IN GREAT PERIL; or, With the Italian Arny in the Alps. 1916. A.L. Burt.

  6. THE BOY ALLIES IN THE BALKAN CAMPAIGN; or, The Struggle to Save a Nation -- 1916. A.L. Burt.

  7. THE BOY ALLIES ON THE SOMME; or, Courage and Bravery Rewarded -- 1917. A.L. Burt

  8. THE BOY ALLIES AT VERDUN; or, Saving France from the Enemy -- 1917. A.L. Burt.

  9. THE BOY ALLIES UNDER THE STARS AND STRIPES; or, Leading the American Troops to the Firing Line -- 1918. A.L. Burt.

  10. THE BOY ALLIES WITH HAIG IN FLANDERS; or, The Fighting Canadians of Vimy Ridge -- 1918. A.L. Burt.

  11. THE BOY ALLIES WITH PERSHING IN FRANCE; or, Over the Top at Chateau Thierry -- 1919. A.L. Burt.

  12. THE BOY ALLIES WITH THE GREAT ADVANCE; or, Driving the Enemy through France and Belgium -- 1919. A.L. Burt.

  13. THE BOY ALLIES WITH MARSHALL FOCH; or, The Closing Days of the Great World War -- 1919. A.L. Burt.



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