By Robert Drake



"Frank Chadwick was an American youth of some eighteen years. Separated from his father in Naples at the outbreak of the great war, he had been shanghaied aboard a sailing vessel when he had gone to the aid of a man apparently in distress. There he was made a prisoner.

Some days later he had been rescued by Jack Templeton, a young Englishman, who had boarded the vessel off the coast of Africa, seeking payment for goods he had sold to the mutinous crew. The two lads had been instrumental in helping Lord Hastings, a British nobleman, put through a coup that kept Italy out of the war on the side of Germany and Austria. Lord Hastings had become greatly attached to the lads, and when he had been put in command of a vessel, he had both boys assigned to his ship.

Through gallant service Frank and Jack had won their lieutenancies. Later Lord Hastings had assumed command of a submarine and had made Jack his first officer and Frank his second officer,

Through many a tight place the lads had gone safely, though they faced death more than once, and faced it calmly and bravely. Also, at this period of the war, they had seen service in many seas...

In stature and disposition the boys were as different as could be. Frank, though large for his age, looked small when alongside of Jack. The latter, though no older than his friend, was a huge bulk of a boy, standing well over six feet. Strong as an ox he was, and cool of head.

Here he differed from Frank, who had something of a temper and was likely to do something foolish on the spur of the moment if he became angry, Jack had served as a damper for his friend's anger and enthusiasm more than once.

That they could fight, both boys had shown more than once. Jack, because of his huge bulk and great strength, was, of course, harder to beat in a hand-to-hand struggle than was Frank; but what the latter lacked in this kind of fighting, he more than made up in the use of revolver, rifle, or sword."

         -- from The Boy Allies at Jutland

  1. THE BOY ALLIES ON THE NORTH SEA PATROL; or, Striking the First Blow at the German Fleet -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  2. THE BOY ALLIES UNDER TWO FLAGS; or, Sweeping the Enemy from the Sea -- "During World War I, two young officers in the British navy battle the Germans in the Adriatic Sea, Indian and Atlantic Oceans, and Persian Gulf aboard a battle ship, torpedo submarine, and hydroplane." -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  3. THE BOY ALLIES WITH THE FLYING SQUADRON; or, The Naval Raiders of the Great War -- "Two young officers serving with England's naval forces battle renegade allies and members of the German fleet in the Pacific, Mediterranean, and Atlantic during World War I."  -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  4. THE BOY ALLIES WITH THE TERROR OF THE SEAS; or, The Last Shot of Submarine D-16 -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  5. THE BOY ALLIES UNDER THE SEA; or, The Vanishing Submarines -- "Aboard a British motorboat, two young naval officers pursue German submarines during World War I." -- 1916. A.L. Burt.

  6. THE BOY ALLIES IN THE BALTIC; or, Through Fields of Ice to Aid the Czar -- 1916. A.L. Burt.

  7. THE BOY ALLIES AT JUTLAND; or, The Greatest Naval Battle of History -- illustrated by J. Watson Davis. 1917. A.L. Burt.

  8. THE BOY ALLIES WITH UNCLE SAM'S CRUISERS; or, Convoying the American Army across the Atlantic -- "After capturing a German boat off the coast of South America during World War I, two officers in the British navy battle the enemy aboard a convoy cruiser, merchant vessel, and pirate ship." -- 1918. A.L. Burt.

  9. THE BOY ALLIES WITH THE SUBMARINE D-32; or, The Fall of the Russian Empire -- "After meeting with the czar to ask for more military aid, two young officers in the British navy board a submarine and help the Russian fleet battle the Germans in World War I." --  1918. A.L. Burt.

  10. THE BOY ALLIES WITH THE VICTORIOUS FLEET; or, The Fall of the German Navy -- 1919. A.L. Burt.


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