"Thrilling airship stories"

By Captain Wilbur Lawson (John Henry Goldfrap)



Up-to-the-minute AIRSHIP Books which record the most thrilling experiences any daring aviator could wish for. The Stories are written by a famous aviation instructor and are technically correct in details. One million copies have been sold.
  1. THE BOY AVIATORS IN NICARAGUA; or, In League with the Insurgents -- "Boys of all ages will be captivated by this clever story of two bright American lads who in an aeroplane of unusual construction have many adventures in Nicaragua." -- 1910. Hurst.

  2. THE BOY AVIATORS ON SECRET SERVICE; or, Working with Wireless -- "Its heroes go in an airship to the Everglades of Florida, and use their wireless telegraph to assist in the rescue of a Government inventor. Japanese spies are plotting against them, and the result is a thrill in every chapter." -- 1910. Hurst.

  3. THE BOY AVIATORS IN AFRICA; or, An Aerial Ivory Trail -- "In this book the lads go to Africa in their flying machine and strike an aerial ivory trail. Adventures come thick and fast. One cannot help wishing himself fourteen years old once more, to take this book out back on the barn, or under the pear tree, to enjoy it in fashion." -- 1910. Hurst.

  4. THE BOY AVIATORS' TREASURE QUEST; or, The Golden Galleon -- "The author takes the boys on a quest after the Golden Galleon, lost in a position where it is imaginatively possible to obtain the treasure. The story is one of the keenest interest from the boy's standpoint." -- 1910. Hurst.

  5. THE BOY AVIATORS IN RECORD FLIGHT; or, The Rival Aeroplane -- "The story deals with aerial contests for a big prize offered by newspapers to fly from New York across the continent and the hairbreadth escapes encountered." -- 1910. Hurst.

  6. THE BOY AVIATORS POLAR DASH; or, Facing Death in the Antarctic -- "The useful information concerning the Antarctic regions, and the aviation features and their technical correctness, set the book apart from those with simple entertainment and adventure." -- Dallas News, Dallas Texas; -- 1910. Hurst.

  7. THE BOY AVIATORS' FLIGHT FOR A FORTUNE -- "The volume is packed with incidents from cover to cover, and conveys an accurate idea of modern aeroplanes." -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn.1912. Hurst.

  8. THE BOY AVIATORS WITH THE AIR RAIDERS -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1915. Hurst. 


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