By Wilmer M. Ely



"In this series of remarkable stories are described the adventures of two boys in the great swamps of interior Florida, among the cays off the Florida coast, and through the Bahama Islands. These are real, live boys, and their experiences are worth following."


  1. THE BOY CHUMS ON INDIAN RIVER; OR, The Boy Partners of the Schooner "Orphan" -- "In this story Charley West and Walter Hazard meet deadly rattlesnakes; have a battle with a wild panther; are attacked by outlaws; their boat is towed by a swordfish; they are shipwrecked by a monster manatee fish, and pass safely through many exciting scenes of dangers. This book should be read first." -- 1905. A.L. Burt.

  2. THE BOY CHUMS ON HAUNTED ISLAND; or, Hunting for Pearls in the Bahama Islands -- "This book tells the story of the boy chums' adventures on the schooner 'Eager Quest,' hunting for pearls among the Bahama Islands. Their hairbreadth escapes from the treacherous quicksands and dangerous waterspouts, and their rescue from the wicked wreckers are fully told." --  1909. A.L. Burt.

  3. THE BOY CHUMS IN THE FOREST; or, Hunting for Plume Birds in the Florida Everglades -- "The story of the boy chums hunting the blue herons and the pink and white egrets for their plumes in the forests of Florida is full of danger and excitement. In this story is fully told how the chums encountered the Indians; their battles with the escaped convicts; their fight with the wild boars and alligators; and many exciting encounters and escapes. This is the third story of the boy chums' adventures." -- 1910. A.L. Burt.

  4. THE BOY CHUMS' PERILOUS CRUISE; or, Searching for Wreckage on the Florida Coast -- "This story of the boy chums' adventures on and off the Florida Coast describes many scenes of daring and adventure, in hunting for ships stranded and cargoes washed ashore. The boy chums passed through many exciting scenes, their conflicts with the Cuban wreckers; the loss of their vessel, the 'Eager Quest,' they will long remember. This is the fourth book of adventures which the boy chums experiences." --  1911. A.L. Burt.

  5. THE BOY CHUMS IN THE GULF OF MEXICO; or,  On a Dangerous Cruise with the Greek Spongers -- "This story of the boy chums hunting for sponges is filled with many adventures. The dangers of gathering sponges are fully described; the chums meet with sharks and alligators; and they are cast away on a desert island. Their rescue and arrival home make a most interesting story. This is the fifth book of adventures of the boy chums." -- 1913. A.L. Burt.

  6. THE BOY CHUMS CRUISING FLORIDA WATERS; or, The Perils and Dangers of the Fishing Fleet -- "In this story Charley West and Waler Hazard embark upon a new and dangerous quest for fortune. With their old and tried comrades, Captain Westfield and the little negro, Chris, they join the great army of fishermen that yearly search the Florida seas for the thousands of kinds of rare fish and water creatures that abound there. The Florida waters hide many strange and unknown dangers. The perils the chums encounter from weird fishes and creatures of the sea and the menace of hurricane and shipwreck, make very interesting and instructive reading. This is the sixth book of adventures of the boy chums." -- 1914. A.L. Burt.

  7. THE BOY CHUMS IN THE FLORIDA JUNGLE; or, Charlie West and Walter Hazard with the Seminole Indians -- 1915. A.L. Burt.

  8. THE BOY CHUMS IN MYSTERY LAND; or, Walter Hazard Among the Mexicans -- 1916. A.L. Burt.


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