By Wilbur Lawton (John Henry Goldfrap)



#3 reprinted by Westbrook as part of the "Circling the Globe" series.
  1. THE DREADNOUGHT BOYS ON BATTLE PRACTICE -- Especially interesting and timely is this book which introduces the reader with its heroes, Ned and Herc, to the great ships of modern warfare and to the intimate life and surprising adventures of Uncle Sam's sailors. -- 1911. Hurst.

  2. THE DREADNOUGHT BOYS ABOARD A DESTROYER -- In this story real dangers threaten and the boys' patriotism is tested in a peculiar international tangle. The scene is laid on the South American coast. -- 1911. Hurst.

  3. THE DREADNOUGHT BOYS IN A SUBMARINE -- To the inventive genius -- trade-school boy or mechanic -- this story has special charm, perhaps, but to every reader its mystery and clever action are fascinating. -- 1911. Hurst, Westbrook.

  4. THE DREADNOUGHT BOYS ON AERO SERVICE -- Among the volunteers accepted for Areo [sic] Service are Ned and Herc. Their perilous adventures are not confined to the air, however, although they make daring and notable flights in the name of the Government; nor are they always able to fly beyond the reach of their old "enemies," who are also airmen. -- 1912. Hurst.

  5. THE DREADNOUGHT BOYS' WORLD CRUISE -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1913. Hurst.

  6. THE DREADNOUGHT BOYS IN HOME WATERS -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1914. Hurst.


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