By Carolyn Haywood



I'm not sure about the last book in the list.  Eddie's Friend Boodles was published in 1991, a year after Haywood's death at the age of 92. It may be a last book, a "lost book", a re-titling of an earlier book, or may have been actually written by someone else. If anyone knows, please email me :-) LITTLE EDDIE -- "Whether little Eddie's finding homes for a crowd of stray cats, or picketing the baseball team that says he's too little to play, his happy adventures are sure to win lots of friends." -- illustrated by author. 1947, 1962 Morrow; 1990, Beech Tree.

EDDIE AND THE FIRE ENGINE -- "Eight-year-old Eddie Wilson, who collects valuable property and stray animals, acquires a goat and an old fire engine." -- illustrated by author. 1949, Morrow; 1992, Beech Tree (illustrated by Betsy Lewin.)

EDDIE AND GARDENIA -- "Adventures of Eddie and his goat named Gardenia when they visit his uncle's ranch in Texas." -- illustrated by author. 1951, Morrow.

EDDIE'S PAY DIRT -- "Enterprising Eddie comes home from his uncle's ranch with plenty of souvenirs and together with friend Anna Patricia becomes embroiled in several hair-raising to profitable escapades." -- illustrated by author. 1953, Morrow; 1957, TAB books; 1970, Scholastic.

EDDIE AND HIS BIG DEALS -- "Eddie can't stand it when the new boy next door turns out to be a girl--a girl who's an even more determined collector of "valuable properties" and other assorted junk than he is." -- illustrated by author. 1955, 1962 Morrow; 1990, Beech Tree.

EDDIE MAKES MUSIC -- "Eddie doesn't want to play anything but ball, but when the school starts an orchestra, he decides to learn something fast so that he can join too." -- 1957, 1974, Morrow.

EDDIE AND LOUELLA -- illustrated by author. 1959, Morrow.

ANNIE PAT AND EDDIE -- illustrated by author. 1960, Morrow.

EDDIE'S GREEN THUMB -- illustrated by author. 1964, Morrow; 1980, Archway.

EDDIE THE DOG HOLDER -- "The summer Eddie and his friend start a dog portrait business, he holds the subject and she paints the portrait, often with disastrous results." -- illustrated by author. 1966, Morrow; 1980, Pocket Books.

EVER-READY EDDIE -- "Too late to be a candidate for class president, Eddie decides to be campaign manager for his friend." -- illustrated by author. 1968, Morrow.

EDDIE'S HAPPENINGS -- "Eddie finds a list of special days to celebrate and adventures escalate from there." -- illustrated by author. 1971, Morrow; 1981, Pocket Books.

EDDIE'S VALUABLE PROPERTY -- "Eddie's dismay at the family's move is relieved by his pleasure in a new friend, a valuable property they share, and a happy school situation." -- illustrated by author. 1975, Morrow.

EDDIE'S MENAGERIE -- "The adventures of Eddie as he gets a job in a pet shop and acquires a hat that soon becomes one of his most prized possessions." -- illustrated by Ingrid Fetz. 1978, Morrow; 1980, Pocket Books; 1987, Troll.

EDDIE'S FRIEND BOODLES -- "A visit to the circus inspires Boodles to experiment with clown makeup and to try to teach his dog Poochie to do tricks." -- illustrated by Catherine Stock. 1991, Troll.


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