The Girl Chum's Series
By various authors




An A.L. Burt publisher's series: "A carefully selected series of books for girls, written by popular authors. These are charming stories for young girls, well told and full of interest. Their simplicity, tenderness, healthy, interesting motives, vigorous action, and character painting will please all girl readers."



  1. The Benhurst Club -- by Howe Benning
  2. Bertha's Summer Boarders -- by Linnie S. Harris
  3. Billow Prairie: A Story of Life in the Great West -- by Joy Allison
  4. Duxberry Doings: A New England Story -- by Caroline B. Le Row
  5. Fussbudget's Folks: A Story for Young Girls -- by Anna F. Burnham
  6. A Happy Discipline -- by Elizabeth Cummings
  7. The Jolly Ten and Their Year of Stories -- by Agnes Carr Sage.
  8. Katie Robertson: A Girl's Story of Factory Life -- by M.E. Winslow
  9. Lonely Hill: A Story for Girls -- by M.L. Thornton-Wilder
  10. Majoribanks: A Girl's Story -- by Elvirton Wright
  11. Miss Charity's House -- by Howe Benning
  12. Miss Elliot's Girls: A Story for Young Girls -- by Mary Spring Corning
  13. Miss Malcolm's Ten: A Story for Girls-- by Margaret E. Winslow
  14. One Girl's Way Out -- by Howe Benning
  15. Pen's Adventure -- by Elvirton Wright
  16. Ruth Prentice: A Story for Girls -- by Marion Thorne
  17. Three Years at Glenwood: A Story of School Life -- by M.E. Winslow


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