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A fifth volume, "The Khaki Girls in Camp; or, Volunteers in the Land Army" was advertised at the end of volume #4 but appears to be a phantom title.

'When Uncle Sam sent forth the ringing call, "I need you!" it was not alone his strong young sons who responded. All over the United States capable American Girls stood ready to offer their services to their country. How two young girls donned the khaki and made good in the Motor Corps, an organization for women developed by the Great War, forms a series of stories of signal novelty and vivid interest and action.'
-- from a Cupples & Leon advertisement



  • THE KHAKI GIRLS OF THE MOTOR CORPS: OR, Finding Their Place in the Big War -- "Joan Mason, an enthusiastic motor girl, and Valerie Warde, a society debutante, meet at an automobile show. Next day they go together to the Motor Corps headquarters and in due time are accepted and become members of the Corps, in the service of the United States. The two girl drivers find motoring for Uncle Sam a most exciting business. Incidentally they are instrumental in rendering valuable service to the United States government by discovering and running down a secret organization of its enemies." -- 1918. Cupples & Leon.

  • THE KHAKI GIRLS BEHIND THE LINES: OR, Driving With the Ambulance Corps -- "As a result of their splendid work in the Motor Corps, the Khaki Girls receive the honor of an opportunity to drive with the Ambulance Corps in France. After a most eventful and hazardous crossing of the Atlantic, they arrive in France and are assigned to a station behind the lines. Constantly within range of enemy shrapnel, out in all kinds of weather, tearing over shell-torn roads and dodging Boche patrols, all go to make up the day's work, and bring them many exciting adventures." -- 1918. Cupples & Leon

  • THE KHAKI GIRLS AT WINDSOR BARRACKS: OR,  Standing With the Trusty Twenty -- 1919. Cupples & Leon

  • THE KHAKI GIRLS IN VICTORY: OR, Home With the Heroes -- 1920. Cupples & Leon.


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