By Howard Garis/Raymond Sperry



"The author is a practised journalist, and these stories convey a true picture of the workings of a great newspaper."

The first two books were originally published by Chatterton-Peck. Grosset & Dunlap picked up the series in 1909, and published the next four books, reprinting the first two. Sully later reprinted all six existing titles (not sure what year. Finally, Garden City took up the series,  reprinting the first six volumes in 1926 and publishing the final two books in 1927.

The first six titles list the author as Howard Garis, the last two as "Raymond Sperry" except for in the Garden City printings, which attribute the entire series to Sperry. Raymond Sperry is also listed as the author of the "White Ribbon Boys" series. The character Larry Dexter also guest stars in several books of Garis's "Dick Hamilton" series.


  1. LARRY DEXTER AT THE BIG FLOOD; or, The Perils of a Reporter (Alternate titles: From Office Boy to Reporter; or, The First Step in Journalism and The Young Reporter at the Big Flood; or, The Perils of News Gathering.) --  1907, Chatterton-Peck; 1907, Grosset & Dunlap; 1907, Sully; 1926, Garden City (by Raymond Sperry.)

  2. LARRY DEXTER, REPORTER; or, Strange Adventures in a Great City (Alternate title: The Young Reporter and the Land Swindlers; or, Queer Adventures in a Great City.) -- 1907. Chatterton-Peck; Grosset & Dunlap; 1907, Sully 

  3. LARRY DEXTER'S GREAT SEARCH; or, The Hunt for the Missing Millionaire (Alternate title: The Young Reporter and the Missing Millionaire; or, A Strange Disappearance.) -- 1909, Grosset & Dunlap; 1909, Sully.

  4. LARRY DEXTER AND THE  BANK MYSTERY; or, A Young Reporter in Wall Street (Alternate title: The Young Reporter and the Bank Mystery; or, Stirring Doings on Wall Street.) -- 1912, Sully; 1912, Grosset & Dunlap.

  5. LARRY DEXTER AND THE STOLEN BOY; or, A Young Reporter on the Lakes (Alternate title: The Young Reporter and the Stolen Boy; or, A Chase on the Great Lakes.) -- 1912, Grosset & Dunlap; 1912, Sully; 1926, Garden City (by Raymond Sperry.)

  6. LARRY DEXTER IN BELGIUM; or, A Young War Correspondent's Double Mission (Alternate titles: Larry Dexter at the Battlefront , The Young Reporter at the Battlefront; or, A War Correspondent's Double Mission.)  -- by Raymond Sperry. 1915, Grosset & Dunlap; 1915, Sully; 1927, Garden City.

  7. LARRY DEXTER AND THE WARD DIAMONDS; or, The Young Reporter at Sea Cliff --  1927, Garden City (by Raymond Sperry.)

  8. LARRY DEXTER'S GREAT CHASE; or, A Young Reporter across the Continent -- 1927. Garden City (by Raymond Sperry.)


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