The Merriweather Girls Series
By Lizette M. Edholm




"The Merriweather Girls, Bet, Shirley, Joy and Kit are four fun-loving chums, who think up something exciting to do every minute. The romantic old Merriweather Manor is where their most thrilling adventures occur. The author has given us four exceptional titles in this series -- absorbing mysteries and their solutions, school life, horseback riding, tennis, and adventures during their school vacations. Every red-blooded, up-and-going girl is going to love these books." -- jacket blurb on The Merryweather Girls and the Queen's Fan.

This four volume series was published by Goldsmith in 1932. Four girls -- rich, temperamental Bet; practical Shirley; western girl Kit, and bubblehead Joy form a club that they name after Merriweather Manor, Bet's home. In the second volume, a fifth member is added, Edna, kidnapped as a child and later reunited with her rich parents. The plots are all series book standards: clearing a friend's name, battling with the "enemy" girl, digging for treasure,  reuniting a friendless waif with her rich parents, weathering accusations of cheating, etc.


  1. The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan -- 1932, Goldsmith.

  2. The Merriweather Girls on Campers' Trail -- 1932, Goldsmith

  3. The Merriweather Girls in Quest of Treasure -- 1932, Goldsmith.

  4. The Merriweather Girls at Good Old Rock Hill (listed in ads as ... Rock Hill) -- 1932, Goldsmith


The Mystery of the Queen's Fan is one of three novels included in the 1935 Goldsmith compendium volume Every Girl's Mystery and Adventure Stories.


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