By Howard Payson (John Henry Goldfrap)



"You do not need to own either a motor-cycle or a bicycle to enjoy the thrilling experiences through which the Motor Cycle Chums pass on their way to seek adventure and excitement. Brimful of clever episodes."

This six volume series was published by Hurst in 1912-1915. All volumes were illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn.

  1. THE MOTOR CYCLE CHUMS AROUND THE WORLD -- "Could Jules Verne have dreamed of encircling the globe with a motor cycle for emergencies, he would have deemed it an achievement greater than any he described in his account of the amusing travels of Phileas Fogg. This, however, is the purpose successfully carried out by the Motor Cycle Chums, and the tale of their mishaps, hindrances, and delays is one of intense interest, secret amusement, and incidental information to the reader." -- illustrated by Charles Wrenn. 1912. Hurst.

  2. THE MOTOR CYCLE CHUMS OF THE NORTHWEST PATROL -- "The Great Northwest is a section of vast possibilities and in it the Motor Cycle Chums meet adventures even more unusual and exciting than many of their experiences on their tour around the world. There is not a dull page in this lively narrative of clever boys and their attendant 'Chinee.'" -- illustrated by Charles Wrenn. 1912. Hurst.

  3. THE MOTOR CYCLE CHUMS IN THE GOLD FIELDS -- "How the Motor Cycle Chums were caught by the lure of the gold and into what difficulties and novel experiences they were led, makes a tale of thrilling interest." -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1912. Hurst. 

  4. THE MOTOR CYCLE CHUMS' WHIRLWIND TOUR -- "To right a wrong is the mission that leads the Riding Rovers over the border into Mexico and gives the impulse to this story of amusing adventures and exciting episodes." -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1913. Hurst.

  5. THE MOTOR CYCLE CHUMS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR -- "New customs, strange peoples and unfamiliar surroundings add fresh zest to the interest of the Motor Cycle Chums in travel, and the tour described in this volume is full of the tropical atmosphere." -- illustrated by Charles Wrenn. 1914. Hurst.

  6. THE MOTOR CYCLE CHUMS THROUGH HISTORIC AMERICA -- "The Motor Cycle Chums explore the paths where American history was made, where interest centers to-day as never before." -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1915. Hurst.


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