By Marvin West (John Henry Goldfrap)



  1. THE MOTOR RANGERS' LOST MINE -- This is an absorbing story of the continuous adventure of a motor car in the hands of Nat Trevor and his friends. It does seemingly impossible "stunts," and yet everything happens "in the nick of time." -- 1911. Hurst.

  2. THE MOTOR RANGERS THROUGH THE SIERRAS -- Enemies in Ambush, the peril of fire, and the guarding of treasure make exciting times for the Motor Rangers -- yet there is a strong flavor of fun and freedom, with a typical Western mountaineer for spice. -- 1911. Hurst.

  3. THE MOTOR RANGERS ON BLUE WATERS; or, The Secret of the Derelict -- The strange adventures of the sturdy craft "Nomad" and the stranger experiences of the Rangers themselves with Morello's schooner and a mysterious derelict form the basis of this well-spun yarn of the sea. -- 1911. Hurst.

  4. THE MOTOR RANGERS' CLOUD CRUISER -- From the "Nomad" to the "Discoverer," from the sea to the sky, the scene changes in which the Motor Rangers figure. They have experiences "that never were on land or sea," in heat and cold and storm, over mountain peak and lost city, with savages and reptiles; their ship of the air is attacked by huge birds of the air; they survive explosion and earthquake; they even live to tell the tale! -- Illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1912. Hurst. 

  5. THE MOTOR RANGERS' WIRELESS STATION -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1913. Hurst.

  6. THE MOTOR RANGERS TOURING FOR THE TROPHY -- illustrated by Charles L. Wrenn. 1914. Hurst.


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