By Howard Pease



Publishing info incomplete, and I'm not sure that these are in the right order, that they are all part of this series, or that there are not others in the series not listed. 1 THE TATTOOED MAN: A Tale of Strange Adventures, Befalling Tad Moran, Mess Boy of the Tramp Steamer "Araby," upon his First Voyage from San Francisco to Genoa, via the Panama Canal -- illustrated by Mahlon Blaine. 1926, 1929, Doubleday, Doran; 1954, 1956, Doubleday & Co; 1937, Sun Dial Press.

THE JINX SHIP: The Dark Adventures that Befell Tod Moran when He Shipped as Fireman Aboard the Tramp Steamer "Congo," Bound out of New York for Caribbean Ports -- illustrated by Manning De V. Lee. 1930, Doubleday, Doran; 1927, Sun Dial. 1927, 1946, 1947, Doubleday.

3 SHANGHAI PASSAGE: Being a Tale of Mystery and Adventure on the High Seas in which Stuart Ormsby is Shanghaied Aboard the Tramp Steamer "Nanking" Bound for Ports on the China Coast -- illustrated by Paul Q. Forster. 1929, 1931, 1934, 1936, Doubleday, Doran; 1946, Doubleday.

4 THE SHIP WITHOUT A CREW: The Strange Adventures of Tod Moran, Third Mate of the Tramp Ship "Araby" -- 1934, 1940, Doubleday, Doran; 1954, Doubleday.

WIND IN THE RIGGING: An Adventurous Voyage of Tod Moran on the Tramp Steamer "Sumatra," New York to North Africa -- illustrated by Anton Otto Fischer. 1936, 1941, Doubleday, Doran; 1946, 1953, Doubleday.

6 HURRICANE WEATHER: How Stan Ridley Met Adventure on the Trading Schooner "Wind-Rider" -- 1936, 1939, 1952, Doubleday; 1963, Berkley.

FORGHORNS: A Story of the San Francisco Water Front -- illustrated by Anton Otto Fisher. 1937, 1946,  1955, Doubleday.

HIGHROAD TO ADVENTURE: What Happened to Tod Moran When He Traveled South into Old Mexico -- illustrated by Frank Dobias. 1939, 1944, 1945, 1950,  Doubleday, Doran.

9 THE BLACK TANKER: The Adventures of a Landlubber on the Ill-Fated Last Voyage of the Oil Tank Steamer "Zambora" -- 1941, Doubleday, Doran.

NIGHT BOAT: And Other Tod Moran Mysteries -- 1943, 1944, 1947, Doubleday, Doran.

THE HEART OF DANGER -- 1946, Doubleday.

CAPTAIN OF THE ARABY -- 1953, Doubleday.



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