By Alice Turner Curtis



Originally published by Penn, at least two volumes, "at Gettysburg" and "at Fort Sumter," were reprinted by Applewood in the late 1990's.

"at Gettysburg" was also reprinted in 1995 by Gramercy Books under the title "Kathleen, a Yankee Girl at Gettysburg."

  1. A YANKEE GIRL AT FORT SUMTER -- illustrated by Isabel W. Caley. 1920. Penn Publishing.

  2. A YANKEE GIRL AT BULL RUN -- illustrated by Isabel W. Caley. 1921. Penn Publishing. 

  3. A YANKEE GIRL AT SHILOH -- illustrated by Isabel W. Caley. 1922. Penn Publishing.

  4. A YANKEE GIRL AT ANTIETAM -- illustrated by Nat Little. 1923. Penn Publishing.

  5. A YANKEE GIRL AT VICKSBURG -- illustrated by Charles Garner. 1926. Penn Publishing.

  6. A YANKEE GIRL AT HAMPTON ROADS -- illustrated by Nora Sweeney. 1927. Penn Publishing.

  7. A YANKEE GIRL AT GETTYSBURG -- "In the early summer of 1863, eleven-year-old Kathleen Webb finds herself involved in several memorable adventures in the days leading up to the decisive Civil War battle at Gettysburg."  -- illustrated by Charles Garner. 1928. Penn Publishing.

  8. A YANKEE GIRL AT LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN -- illustrated by Hattie Longstreet Price. 1928. Penn Publishing.

  9. A YANKEE GIRL AT THE BATTLE OF THE WILDERNESS -- illustrated by Hattie Longstreet Price -- 1929. Penn Publishing.

  10. A YANKEE GIRL AT RICHMOND -- illustrated by Hattie Longstreet Price. 1930. Penn Publishing.


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