Poor little rich girl Maida is the sickly, daughter of robber baron Jerome "Buffalo" Westabrook. Listless and depressed after surgery to correct her lameness, Maida becomes more and more withdrawn. Alarmed, her doctor tells her father that he'd better find some way to perk her up before it's too late:

"You've got to find something that will take up her mind, Jerome," Dr. Pierce said, lowering his voice, "and you've got to be quick about it. Just what Greinschmidt feared has come -- that languor -- that lack of interest in everything. You've got to find something for her to do."

A passing dime store inexplicably catches Maida's fancy ("Oh, Granny.... I saw the cunningest little shop. I think I'd rather tend shop than do anything else in the world.") and her father buys it for her, installing Maida and elderly servant "Granny" in the little apartment above the store, under the condition that Maida must run the shop without assistance and without letting anyone know that she's his daughter.

Predictably, the shopkeeper's life agrees with Maida, and she soon makes friends with all of the children in the neighborhood.


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