By Clair Blank

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  1. THE ADVENTURE GIRLS AT K BAR O -- 1936. A.L. Burt; Saalfield.

  2. THE ADVENTURE GIRLS IN THE AIR -- 1936. A.L. Burt; Saalfield.

  3. THE ADVENTURE GIRLS AT HAPPINESS HOUSE -- "The Adventure Girls start college and are immediately involved in investigating who is trying to kill the new dean." -- 1936. A.L. Burt; Saalfield.

  4. THE ADVENTURE GIRLS ON VACATION -- announced at the end of #3 -- "Suppose we leave the Adventure Girls here, discussing their plans for the summer. We shall join them again for more excitement in The Adventure Girls on Vacation" -- but may be a "phantom title," as I can't find it listed in WorldCat.


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