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EP from Lillian Roy's "Little Washingtons" series

Reading an e-text is a poor substitute for the sensory pleasure of actually handling and reading an old book, but it's a good way to check out unfamiliar series and authors before you invest a lot of time in hunting down "real" copies. 

I've attempted to list currently available free e-text versions of series books (and some other books of interest to series fans, such as the novels of Alger, Henty, and Stratemeyer.) New additions to the list are marked with an (N). If you know of one that I have not listed, please let me know so that I can keep the list as up-to-date as possible. Similarly, if you find that a link does not work, please email me so that I can correct the problem. Thanks! (Mary Crosson)

List last edited on 08/03/2009



Aaron, S.F. and Whipple, Wayne  
Abbott, Jane D.
Alcott, Louisa May  
Aldridge, Janet  
Alger, Horatio



Allen, Quincy
Altsheler, Joseph
Appleton, Victor


Atwater, Emily Paret
Bailey, Arthur Scott
Baker, Willard
Ballantyne, R.M.
Bancroft, Edith
Barbour, Ralph Henry
Barnum, Richard  
Barnum, Vance  
Bates, Gordon  
Baum, L. Frank  
Beach, Charles Amory


Benson, Irene Elliot  
Blaine, Captain John
Bonehill, Ralph (= Edward Stratemeyer)  
Bonner, Richard  
Brazil, Angela  
Brooks, Amy
Bruce, Mary Grant
Burleigh, Cyril  
Burley, Andrew S.
Burnett, Frances Hodgson  
Burnham, Margaret
Carr, Annie Roe
Carter, Herbert
Castlemon, Harry
Chalmers, Amy  
Chapman, Allen
Coolidge, Susan
Cory, David
Cox, Stephen Angus
Cozzens, Samuel Woodworth
Crane, Laura Dent  
Curtis, Alice 
Darlington, Edgar



Dowd, Emma C.  
Drake, Ensign Robert L. 
Driscoll, James R.  
Duffield, J.W.  
Durham, Victor  
Durston, George
Ellis, Edward S.
Emerson, Alice B.


Ferguson, Donald  
Finlay, Martha
Fisher, Dorothy Canfield  
Fitzhugh, Percy Keese
Fletcher, Major Archibald Lee
Flower, Jessie Graham
Forbes, Graham B.
Forrester, Izola  
Francis, Stella  
Frey, Hildegard
Garis, Howard
Garis, Lilian
Gaskell, Elizabeth
Hancock, H. Irving

Hart, William S.  
Hawley, Mabel
Hayes, Clair W.
Hemyng, Bracebridge
Henty, G.A.
Heyliger, William  
Hope, Laura Lee
Jackson, Gabrielle E.
Jacobs, Caroline E.  
Jefferies, Richard
Jewett, Sarah Orne
Johnston, Annie Fellows


Judson, Clara Ingram  
Kay, Ross
Langworthy, John Luther
Lawrence, Josephine
Lawton, Captain Wilbur
Leslie, Lawrence J.
Lincoln, Andrew Carey
Long, Helen Beecher
MacDonald, Elizabeth Roberts
Maniates, Belle
Marlow, Ralph
Marryat, Captain
Mathews, Joanna H.
May, Sophie  
Meade, L.T.
Montgomery, L.M.  
Morrison, Gertrude
Morrison, Harry Steele 
Optic, Oliver
Otis, James
Overton, Mark
Patchin, Frank Gee
Penrose, Margaret
Perkins, Lucy Fitch
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart
Porter, Eleanor
Ralphson, G. Harvey
Randall, Homer
Rathborne, St. George
Ray, Anna Chapin
Remick, Grace
Rice, Alice Hegan
Richards, Laura
Rinehart, Mary Roberts  
Rockwood, Roy
Roy, Lillian
Sayler, H.L.
Shaler, Robert  
Sidney, Margaret
Simpson, John Thomas
Smith, Mabel S.C. 
Snell, Roy
Standish, Burt
Stewart, Jane L.
Stokes, Katherine
Stratemeyer, Edward
Stuart, Gordon
Theiss, Lewis  
Todd, Burbank L.
Tomlinson, Paul Greene
Traill, Catherine Parr
Trent, Martha  
Van Dyne, Edith ( = L. Frank Baum)


Vandercook, Margaret  
Victor, Ralph
Warde, Margaret
Warren, George A.
Webster, Frank
Webster, Jean  
Wells, Carolyn
Wheeler, Janet D.  
White, Matthew
White, Ramy Allison
Whitehill, Dorothy
Winfield, Arthur
Young, Clarence


Young, Egerton Ryerson




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