By Harrie Irving Hancock

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"This series of stories, based on the actual doings of grammar school boys comes near to the heart of the average American boy."
 --- Altemus advertisement

This "prequel" series was published after the "High School Boys" books, and covers earlier adventures of the boys featured in that series. Publishing info may be incomplete.

  1. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL BOYS OF GRIDLEY; or, Dick & Co. Start Things Moving -- 1911, Altemus.

  2. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL BOYS SNOWBOUND; or, Dick & Co. at Winter Sports -- 1911, Altemus.

  3. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL BOYS IN THE WOODS; or, Dick & Co.'s Trail Fun and Knowledge -- 1911, Altemus.

  4. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL BOYS IN SUMMER ATHLETICS; or, Dick & Co., Make Their Fame Secure -- 1911, Altemus.


Altemus advertisement in Grace Harlowe's Junior Year in High School

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