By Alice B. Emerson

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"Ruth Fielding was an orphan and came to live with her miserly uncle. Her adventures and travels will hold the interest of every reader."
   --Cupples and Leon Advertisement


"Ruth was not afraid, for by nature she was a brave girl, and all her life she had been called upon to face trying situations.

Her early life had been anything but easy. As an orphan she had made her home with her great-uncle, Jabez Potter, the miserly owner of the Red Mill which was located near Cheslow in one of the New England states. There she had come to love Aunt Alvirah Boggs, her uncle's faithful housekeeper, and had grown up with Tom and Helen Cameron.

In time, Ruth found that she loved Tom Cameron too, and was induced to accept his ring. But Ruth's heart was also set on a writing career. In college she won fame as a scenario writer, and later Mr. Hammond had aided her in organizing her own film company. With Tom as the treasurer, the company had prospered beyond Ruth's wildest dream.

As a moving picture director, adventure carried Ruth and her friends to many strange lands, but always the plucky girl had been able to hold her own against unprincipled persons whp sought to give her trouble. In fact, from the time the reader was first introduced to her in the initial volume of the series, 'Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill,' she had proved her ability to think fast and clearly.

Ruth gained international honors by winning a prize scenario contest, and likewise enough money to make her independent. . ."

          -- Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name

  1. Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill; or, Jasper Parloe's Secret -- 1913, Cupples & Leon.

  2. Ruth Fielding at Briarwood Hall; or, Solving the Campus Mystery -- 1913, Cupples & Leon

  3. Ruth Fielding at Snow Camp; or, Lost in the Backwoods -- 1913, Cupples & Leon

  4. Ruth Fielding at Lighthouse Point; or, Nita, the Girl Castaway -- 1913, Cupples & Leon

  5. Ruth Fielding at Silver Ranch; or, Schoolgirls Among the Cowboys -- 1913, Cupples & Leon

  6. Ruth Fielding on Cliff Island; or, The Old Hunter's Treasure Box -- 1915, Cupples & Leon

  7. Ruth Fielding at Sunrise Farm; or, What Became of the Baby Orphans -- 1915, Cupples & Leon

  8. Ruth Fielding and the Gypsies; or, the Missing Pearl Necklace -- 1915, Cupples & Leon

  9. Ruth Fielding in Moving Pictures; or, Helping the Dormitory Fund -- 1916, Cupples & Leon

  10. Ruth Fielding Down in Dixie; or, Great Days in the Land of Cotton -- "Ruth Fielding and her friends travel to the South. They are falsely accused of stealing." -- 1916, Cupples & Leon

  11. Ruth Fielding at College; or, The Missing Examination Papers -- 1917, Cupples & Leon

  12. Ruth Fielding in the Saddle; or, College Girls in the Land of Gold -- 1917, 1938, Cupples & Leon

  13. Ruth Fielding in the Red Cross; or, Doing Her Bit for Uncle Sam -- 1918, Cupples & Leon

  14. Ruth Fielding at the War Front; or, The Hunt for a Lost Soldier -- 1918, Cupples & Leon

  15. Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound; or, A Red Cross Worker's Ocean Perils -- 1919, Cupples & Leon

  16. Ruth Fielding Down East; or, The Hermit of Beach Plum Point -- 1920, Cupples & Leon

  17. Ruth Fielding in the Great Northwest; or, The Indian Girl Star of the Movies -- 1921, Cupples & Leon

  18. Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence; or, The Queer Old Man of the Thousand Islands -- 1922, Cupples & Leon

  19. Ruth Fielding Treasure Hunting; or, A Motion Picture that Became Real -- 1923, Cupples & Leon

  20. Ruth Fielding in the Far North; or, The Lost Motion Picture Company -- 1924, Cupples & Leon

  21. Ruth Fielding at Golden Pass; or, The Perils of an Artificial Avalanche -- 1925, Cupples & Leon

  22. Ruth Fielding in Alaska; or, The Girl Miners of Snow Mountain -- 1926, Cupples & Leon

  23. Ruth Fielding and her Great Scenario; or, Striving for the Motion Picture Prize -- 1927, Cupples & Leon

  24. Ruth Fielding at Cameron Hall; or, A Mysterious Disappearance -- 1928, Cupples & Leon

  25. Ruth Fielding Clearing Her Name; or, The Rivals of Hollywood -- 1929, Cupples & Leon

  26. Ruth Fielding in Talking Pictures; or, The Prisoners of the Tower -- 1930, Cupples & Leon

  27. Ruth Fielding and Baby June -- 1931, Cupples & Leon

  28. Ruth Fielding and Her Double -- 1932, Cupples & Leon

  29. Ruth Fielding and Her Greatest Triumph; or, Saving Her Company from Disaster -- 1933, Cupples & Leon

  30. Ruth Fielding and Her Crowning Victory; or, Winning Honors Abroad -- 1934, Cupples & Leon



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