By Harrie Irving Hancock

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In Hancock's "series of series", this follows the "Annapolis" books. 

"No more efficient officers ever paced the deck of a man-o'-war than Dave Darrin and Dan Dalzell. The last two volumes chronicle the experiences of Dave and Dan in the great war." -- Altemus ad.


  1. DAVE DARRIN AT VERA CRUZ; or, Fighting with the U.S. Navy in Mexico -- 1914, Altemus; 1914, Saalfield.

  2. DAVE DARRIN ON MEDITERRANEAN SERVICE; or, With Dan Dalzell on European Duty -- 1919, Saalfield.

  3. DAVE DARRIN'S SOUTH AMERICAN CRUISE; or, Two Innocent Young Naval Tools of an Infamous Conspiracy -- 1919, Altemus; 1919, Saalfield.

  4. DAVE DARRIN ON THE ASIATIC STATION; or, Winning Lieutenants' Commissions on the Admirals Flagship -- 1919, Altemus; 1919, Saalfield.

  5. DAVE DARRIN AND THE GERMAN SUBMARINES; or, Making a Clean-up of the Hun Sea Monsters -- 1919, Altemus; 1919, Saalfield.

  6. DAVE DARRIN AFTER THE MINE LAYERS; or, Hitting the Enemy a Hard Naval Blow -- 1919, Saalfield.


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