By Charles Amory Beach

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First published by Sully, this series was later reprinted by Saalfield, Goldsmith, and World Syndicate.
  1. THE AIR SERVICE BOYS FLYING FOR FRANCE; or, The Young Heroes of the Lafayette Escadrille -- "Two chums join the aviators in this country, learn how to fly, and then journey to Frqance and tender their services to the LAfayette Escadrille. They go to the flying school of the French army and are taught the tricks of the famous French flyers. Then comes some thrilling services in the battle front, where one lad succeeds in unmasking a rascally German." -- illustrated by Robert Gaston Herbert. 1918. Sully; Goldsmith; World Syndicate; Saalfield.

  2. THE AIR SERVICE BOYS OVER THE ENEMY'S LINES; or, The German Spy's Secret -- "The adventures of young American pilots during World War I in their air-duels with German pilots and their interception of German homing pigeons used to send messages from German spies in France back to Germany." -- "Another thrilling tale of army aviation. Entrusted with a special mission, the young airmen go over the German lines and learn important secrets. They had previously aided an American girl who had a German guardian, and they fall in with this rascal, who tries to make trouble for them. They are captured and sentenced to be shot. How they manage to escape makes reading no boy will want to miss." -- illustrated by Robert Gaston Herbert. 1918. Sully; Goldsmith; World Syndicate. Read it online!

  3. THE AIR SERVICE BOYS IN THE BIG BATTLE; or, Silencing the Big Guns -- "A certain long range German gun had been doing a tremendous lot of damage and it was entrusted to the young airmen to locate this gun and put it out of service. It was a perilous job and one requiring an abundance of nerve. A story which will be followed with breathless interest by all. " --1919. Sully; World Syndicate.

  4. THE AIR SERVICE BOYS OVER THE RHINE; or, Fighting Above the Clouds -- illustrated by Robert Gaston Herbert. 1919. Sully; Goldsmith; World Syndicate.

  5. THE AIR SERVICE BOYS FLYING FOR VICTORY; or, Bombing the Last German Stronghold -- 1919. Sully; Goldsmith; Saalfield; World Syndicate.

  6. THE AIR SERVICE BOYS OVER THE ATLANTIC; or, The Longest Flight on Record -- 1920. Sully; World Syndicate; Goldsmith.



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