By Harrie Irving Hancock

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"These stimulating stories are among the best of their class that have ever been written. They breathe the life and spirit of our army of today, and in which Uncle Sam's Boys fought with a courage and devotion excelled by none in the world war. There is no better way to instill patriotism in the coming generation than by placing in the hands of juvenile readers books in which a romantic atmosphere is thrown around the boys of the army with thrilling plots that boys love. The books of this series tell the in story form the life of a soldier from the rookie stage until he has qualified for an officer's commission, and, among other things, present a true picture of the desperate days in fighting the Huns." -- Altemus ad. UNCLE SAM'S BOYS IN THE RANKS; or, Two Recruits in the United States Army -- 1910, Altemus.

UNCLE SAM'S BOYS ON FIELD DUTY; or, Winning Corporal's Chevrons -- 1911, Altemus; 1916, Saalfield.

UNCLE SAM'S BOYS AS SERGEANTS; or, Handling Their First Real Commands -- 1911. Altemus; 1911, Saalfield.

UNCLE SAM'S BOYS IN THE PHILIPPINES; or, Following the Flag against the Moros -- 1912. Altemus.

UNCLE SAM'S BOYS ON THEIR METTLE; or, A Chance to Win Officers' Commissions -- 1916. Altemus; 1911, Saalfield.

UNCLE SAM'S BOYS AS LIEUTENANTS; or, Serving Old Glory as Line Officers -- 1919. Altemus; 1919, Saalfield.

UNCLE SAM'S BOYS WITH PERSHING'S TROOPS AT THE FRONT; or, Dick Prescott at Grips with the Boche -- 1919. Altemus.

UNCLE SAM'S BOYS SMASH THE GERMANS; or, Winding Up the Great War -- 1919, Altemus.

UNCLE SAM'S BOYS IN THE GREAT MARNE DRIVE; or, Putting Old Glory in the Forefront in France -- ????, Altemus.


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