By Amy D. V. Chalmers

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"The heroines of these stories are four girls, who with enthusiasm for outdoor life, transform a dilapidated canal boat into a pretty floating summer home. They christened the craft "The Merry Maid" and launched it on the shore of Chesapeake Bay. The stories are full of fun and adventure, with not a dull moment anywhere." -- Altemus ad.


  1. MADGE MORTON, CAPTAIN OF THE MERRY MAID -- 1914. Altemus; Saalfield.

    Four friends and their young chaperone spend the summer on a houseboat. An abused young amnesia victim is restored to her rightful family, and the chaperone's secret burden is discovered and lifted.

  2. MADGE MORTON'S SECRET -- 1914. Altemus; Saalfield.

    Madge and her friends visit the Curtis family. The girls help a young inventor and Mage clears her father's name. Several weeks are spend shipwrecked on a deserted island.

  3. MADGE MORTON'S TRUST -- 1914. Altemus; Saalfield.

    Madge's faith in the basic integrity of a strange, unfriendly young boy is rewarded and the true thief is uncovered.

  4. MADGE MORTON'S VICTORY -- 1914. Altemus. Saalfield.

    Madge is united at last with her missing father.


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