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"My mother took me to the Public Library and introduced me: 'Let her have any book she wants, except Elsie Dinsmore.' I looked for the book I couldn't have and it was a row. That was how I learned about the Series Books. The Five Little Peppers belonged, so did The Wizard of Oz, so did The Little Colonel, so did The Green Fairy Book. There were many of everything, instead of one. I wasn't coming to the end of reading, after all -- I was saved."

-- Eudora Welty, "A Sweet Devouring"    



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This page was originally created for my own use, so it's not fancy and I'm afraid it's permanently a work-in-progress. Information is gathered from publisher advertisements, WorldCat holdings, listings on book jackets, site visitor correspondence, and so forth. Corrections and/or additional information are always greatly appreciated. If you send me something, please briefly indicate how you came by your facts so that proper credit can be given to you or to the original propagator of the information. Plot summaries, personal memories of a series, representative excerpts, etc. are always interesting and appreciated. 

My address is (delete the "NOHARVEST".) Apologies in advance for my slow response time --  I have a full-time job, a part-time course load, and an adorable-but-time-consuming baby.

One request.
Please don't write to ask me how much that old-looking copy of Bound to Rise that you found in your attic is worth. You can try checking on eBay and at to see how much copies in comparable condition are selling for, or you can ask a friendly bookseller in your neighborhood, but I'm as clueless as you are. To me, they're priceless artifacts of social history, but that's not what you wanted to know, right?

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